Week in Pop: Confident Hitmakers, Lulu Lewis, Nihilist Cheerleader

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Seth Graham’s Week in Pop

Artist of the not-so-distant future—Seth Graham; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Futurist/avant-garde artist & Orange Milk Records operator Seth Graham returns with the new album Gasp available March 23 from Noumenal Loom/Orange Milk & graciously co-curated the following exclusive Week in Pop guest selections:

Toriet Status, Toiret Statue

Isamu’s style is so infectious, every tune is joyful, funny, slightly pensive and insanely listenable while maintaining levels of absurdity.
I like all of his releases so far, this one just came out.

He also released a tape under the name XPHONE TWEETED HATENA called X OT EMIT:


I love this tape, he made the tracks on his iphone.

700 Bliss, Spa 700

This new one on Halycon Veil from camae ayewa and moor mother produced by DJ Haram. I LOVE this tape, its incredible, easily a contender for my favorite tape of the year. This is funny, subversive, really fun listening.

Duval Timothy, Sen Am

I missed the LP only got the digital, super bummed on that, this record is the best chilling in the house record. It is really unique in its minimalism, slightly experimental and feels so satisfying to hear. I think he is opening up for Actress, would love to see Duval live. I think because Orange Milk deals with a lot of ADHD style music, this is nice to listen to to cleanse the palate.

Hanging out at a shrine with Seth Graham; press photo courtesy of the artist.

P. ADRIX, Álbum Desconhecido

Principe can do no wrong it seems, every release is so fantastic. I just bought this one, and I love it, its kinda creepy and dancy. I tend to really like things that are enjoyable to hear yet really strange and fun, Im addicted to anything that fits this criteria.

Hubert Bognermayr & Herald Zuschrader, Erdenklang

This hidden midi classic is amazing, a friend told me about it a few years ago. Ive spun this LP quite a few times, I love it, Im somewhat shocked it hasn’t resurged in the reissue culture yet. My favorite thing about this album is the contrast, some tracks feel like they were made yesterday, funny and bizarre, some tracks are meditative, it all goes so well together. Its definitely a precursor to modern computer music.

cover art for Seth Graham’s new album Gasp; courtesy of Noumenal Loom/Orange Milk.

Sugai Ken, UkabazUmorezU (不浮不埋)

I thought this LP was gonna hit the hype machine hard, but it seemed to fall under the radar a bit. One of my favorite releases last year. It to me sounds like Parmegiani were even further restrained, calm. Ken Sugai is so good at collage and using space and silence, some of my favorite things to do in music. He is so so good at it.

Hiroshi Yoshimura, Music for Nine Post Cards (Wave Notation 1)

This minimalist record is a masterpiece. Its really hard to make an effective attention keeping minimalist ambient record, but this one to me is one of the best Ive heard. This is on quite frequently when I drive.

Kicking it old school with Seth Graham; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Barbara Hannigan

I love her work, she does amazing traditional classical opera such as this.

Which is so beautiful.
She also does really avant garde fun pieces like this:

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