Week in Pop: Confident Hitmakers, Lulu Lewis, Nihilist Cheerleader

Sjimon Gompers

Dylan Hundley of NYC's own underground rock institution Lulu Lewis; photograph courtesy of Ilegalia Records & Pictures.


Aberdeenshire, Scotland’s Admlithi; press photo courtesy of the artist.


Introducing from Aberdeenshire, Scotland the echoing otherworldly sonic hymns from Admlithi. The artist utilizes the studio as a paintbrush for making expansive landscapes that unfurl before all of the senses. Creating from a studio set out in the rural pastures of Aberdeenshire; the audio reverberates in such a way where the audience witness the expanses of land that span from Braemer, all throughout the mountainous peaks & valleys of the Cairngorms to bouncing off the rigged cliffs that hold up the ruins of Stonehaven. The harmonic resonances delivered by Admlithi fly like the local fog & breeze that reaches the rocky entrances to the coast.

Presenting the world premiere for “4UYET”, Admlithi takes traditional incantations for a thoughtful walk along the modern hillsides & pensive lowlands. The composition takes cues from a predominately electronic aesthetic where Admlithi provides sustained echoes of feeling & thought that hover between storybook lullabies & audio flashes of pop futurism. The emotion provoking synths underscores the softened pace setting rhythm machines that tie together all the other effect elements that appear within the ambient framework of “4UYET”. The artist expresses a romantic sense of longing that sends out a sincere song to the surrounding countryside that utilizes the electro components in such a grandiosity that it makes ultimately for a symphonic effect. “4UYET” contains the caliber of track that contains a versatility suited for both the commencing scenes of en epic motion picture to bookending it with a reprise during the credit-cue conclusion. Admlithi brings a bit of Aberdeenshire into our own collective worlds with a song designed for long thoughtful walks in our own communities in search of requited heartfelt discoveries & exchanges.

Admlithi provided some exclusive insights on the inception of the new single “4UYET”:

The Making of “4UYET”

“4UYET” is a song about synchronization, regret and self-discovery.

When you look back at your life sometimes it is hard or even impossible to imagine why you made that decision as often the person you have evolved into would have chosen differently.

It begins with a drone made from a one second trapped loop of Admlithi’s voice. The lines I vow not to regret, I vow not to forget and can’t vow not to regret are essentially interchangeable, illustrating the confusing torment of regret as an emotion. This confusion is reflected in the glitching electronic sounds and almost atonal synth. Only the simple Solina synth part holds everything from musically falling apart. The core is built around a pounding rhythm representing the palpitations of the regretful heart. It thumps relentlessly and repetitively throughout pausing only briefly to reflect but like regret it never dies.

Listen to more from Admlithi via Soundcloud.

Admlithi’s logo; courtesy of the artist.

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