Week in Pop: Confident Hitmakers, Lulu Lewis, Nihilist Cheerleader

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Nihilist Cheerleader

Introducing Nihilist Cheerleader; photographed by Alexa Rivera.

Athens, Georgia has been a beacon of pop progress for more than a minute now. Lately the curious cultural oasis seems to be on a streak of proliferation with a vast eclectic array of upstarts & talents witnessed at the Athens Pop Fest & beyond. Today we present a group that is making an inclusive riotous noise on their own terms by creating their own cool & creative rock mold. Having graced the world with a handful of singles & an EP, Athens’ pop disruptors Nihilist Cheerleader who announced their debut album Riot, Right? arriving March 30 through Perfect Attendance Records. Kicking up a progressive & peppy presence; the group of Flynne Collins, Charley Gumby, Leora Hinkle, Dylan Loftin sing songs of personal empowerment, advocating for all groups of society to embraces their voices that in turn deserve to be heard. The desire & drive to perform for expression’s sake is conveyed in Flynne’s delivery & the group’s impressionist, electric-enlightened arrangements.
Presenting the world premiere of the Taylor Chicoine video for “Who’s Gonna Hear You”, Nihilist Cheerleader brings a variety of DIY imagination to the screen. The group quartet commence the events with a yard party that spills out to the park that involves a cake display on a park bench, outlandish masks (celebrating Halloween in spring), dance sessions & performance scenes. Nihilist Cheerleaders let their spirits of individualism fly freely with a whole-hearted sound that celebrates an inclusive creativity with plenty of food (or cake in this matter), for thought. The excited rhythms & roaring choruses underscores everything from societal inquiries & angst that emphasizes the importance of being your own person against all forms of adversity. The message that Nihilist Cheerleader sends out is to hone your own voice, no matter who hears, or who doesn’t hear you amid the echo chambers of today. “Who’s Gonna Hear You” is reminder to let your voice & arts be heard & experienced; a PSA for all of us to conquer our shyness to stick up for ourselves & others in a bid to be counted (or maybe even heard) by others. The band brings a message for all of us to take ourselves off the shelf & take risks in the name of our collective passions & visions. The visual & single will inspire you to take a sick day from your mundane day job to host a dance party in the park with all of your friends & all the future friends of whom you have yet to make their acquaintance.

Hanging around with Nihilist Cheerleader; photographed by Mary Merritt.

Nihilist Cheerleader together penned the following manifesto about “Who’s Gonna Hear You” & more items of inspiration:

Who are we, really? Do we wear masks in public? In private? Which version of us is our true self? Does that even exist? Are we really only who we are perceived to be by those around us?
Constantly broadcasting momentary versions of ourselves, trying to be seen, heard…but is anyone listening?
On the other hand;
Does any of that even matter? Isn’t it clear that a few small groups of people hold all the power, dictating how we live, and what we value? Who are the people with the power? Do they exist amongst the rest of us?
For the masses, interacting solely through the mediums we’ve been conditioned to inhabit guarantees one thing; No one will hear you. See the signs, don’t blindly trust, really listen to each other. We deserve to be heard.

Kicking it with Nihilist Cheerleader; press photo courtesy of the band.

“Who’s gonna Hear You” is without a doubt our danciest track on the album. Our favorite shows to go to in Athens have audiences that move around and that’s the feel we tried to create within this song. Lyric-wise the track reflects on our experiences as musicians/students/food service-industry workers in Athens—how sometimes it can feel like you’re going nowhere and doing nothing when the next day you realize how incredible your friends and community and places you go are.

Getting pleasantly nihilistic with Athens’ rising upstarts Nihilist Cheerleader; video still supplied by Taylor Chicoine.

Nihilist Cheerleader’s debut album Riot, Right? will be available March 30 via Perfect Attendance Records.

Cover for for Nihilist Cheerleader’s Riot, Right? album.