Week in Pop: Exit Someone, Girl Scout, Treatment

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Getting to know Exit Someone's (from left) June Moon (Forever) & Thom Gillies (Vesuvio Solo, previously of TOPS) exploring their big debut EP; press photo courtesy of the duo/Atelier Ciseaux.

Week in Pop

It is our pleasure to present you with the azure hued waters of “Blue” courtesy of Seoul based artist Neon Bunny (who recently collaborated with Spazzkid via Cascine) featured off her upcoming album Neon Gold available January 18 from flau. Set to play SxSW this year, dive into the infinite oceanic essences & infinite tranquil pools of “Blue” that is the feeling of having an exotic, olympic-sized pool in your own backyard.

Take in the pop-arty Evangeline Belzile & Christopher Tayah video for The Velveteins’ “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” single courtesy of Fierce Panda. The Edmonton group’s sentimental sound that revolved around feelings & desires is executed like the feeling of freeing afternoon where the world is your oyster & time is on your side. The band introduced the video with the following words:

The song is simple so we wanted the visuals to be the same. The bright colors and floating lips were just the right vibe.

The director too also offered their two cents:

The song itself is simple and carefree so I didn’t want to create anything with a complex storyline or narrative. I had been interested in using a green screen to cut out specific body parts for a while and had also been interested in altering 16mm film. When the band asked me to create a visual component for “Don’t Yah Feel Better?”, I knew that pairing the two would compliment their aesthetic.

The News presents their latest headline with the restrained electro-emerald “Stranger Danger” that dabbles into the ether of the elusive & allure of evening unknowns. The track operates with a minimalism that paints the places where things both bond & break as The News takes you directly into the danger zone with a whole lotta heart & a healthy amount of apprehension.

Presenting the latest from Manchester duo Luxury Death with their title track “Glue” featured off their debut EP available February 24 from PNKSLM. The track rocks with a Berlin era Bowie/Eno flair that is amplified in newfound tones & swagger that invites excitement & interest for great sounds to follow.

Brooklyn duo Love n Lerrone present a super delux remix from LA producer Le Youth of the single “If You’re Leaving” released via the imprint Homewerk. The late evening urgencies are illuminated in ways like the way light breaks in colors & luster when it greets the many faces of a dance floor flashing light effect device prism.

And in case you missed it, you are invited to vibe about to Love n Lerrone’s big introductory single “Vybe Right” ft. Sydnie available now via Houston’s freshest-Very Jazzed. L n L employ all the intriguing & exciting aspects of delectable dance fare that creates a strong sense of feeling upon first listen.

Porcelain Raft presents “Big Sur” off the upcoming album Microclimate available February 3 where you can get that crazy high altitude effect as if you were taking in the twisting, sidewinding sites & sensations of Highway 1 that carves on the ledge of the greatest breathtaking vistas of grand majesty in existence.

Austin’s own Pollen Rx presented us with a listen to the skronk & roll single “Sunbelt Emptiness” off the releae of the same name from Austin Town Hall Records. Pollen brings about sensations & a serenity to dream upon until the seasons of spring & summer arrive where the group combines a jangle-tone that is met with some of the heaviest guitar fuzz effects around.

Loose Buttons presented us with a listen to the single “Am I The Only Reason” featured off the forthcoming Sundays EP available February 24 that offers up intimate pop portraits of introspection. Thoughts on one’s place, purpose, reason & rationale are entertained in big balladry sorts of sweeps.

Introducing the rock n roll duo Dad & Steve that features Eric Lisausky on drums direct from Los Angeles with Steve playing guitar and singing all the way from Albuquerque New Mexico. The their album Solid State rolls with all the modernist rock & roll thrills, chills & spills. The twosome bursts out the gates with “Free Range”, the excessive “Endless Coke Blabber”, “Catfishin'”, “It Swallowed Half The Night” through to the finale Van Halen cover of “Dance The Night Away”. This is the ultimate guitar shredder’s dream album that reaffirms all your your 80s ax-wielding icons.

Get into the illustrious areas of dark matter with darkDARK with the shadow dancing/night-necromancing single “Restless” ft. Haley Bonar. The track dazzles with a luster that mirrors the most esteemed clubs with the most storied & unknown underground destinations that extend into the arenas of parts unknown.

Check out the motorik-electric action of “King of John Street” from Century Palm’s debut album Meet You available March 10 through Deranged Records. The regal sentiments shine through the track’s muddy production & arrangement that translates to unrelenting inspiration & awakenings.

Embrace the cold icy winter sting & chill with The Ghost of Helags who shared the melancholic & melodic moods of “Under My Skin” featured off their debut EP Shibuya via Warsaw Recordings/Misty Music.

Happyness will drop their second album Write In April 7 via Bar/None & present the video for “Falling Down” where their evocative & intimate sound is set to vintage-video visuals of various image overlays.

Sinkane presented a look at the video for “Telephone” that is a one single shot take from Bráulio Amado & Bruno Ferreira featured off the upcoming Life & Livin’ It available February 10 from City Slang. Sinkane’s big time sound continues to resound as one of the world’s most beloved hit makers who understands all manners of rhythm, pop, blues, & presentation in a unique & influential approach destined to transform tomorrow’s radio stars.

Mod Sun presented a look at the Forget Brennan video for “Two” featured off the upcoming album Movie available March 10 from Rostrum Records that works in piano lead verses to warm up & turn up your winter. Dualities abound as MS breaks it all down & busts out some knowledge & exposition in the most laid back of manners.

In more Rostrum Records news, hear the new TeamMate single “Damage” featured off their upcoming February 16 self-titled that is hook studded & ready for the festival circuit.

Teen Daze presents an ambient moment of pause with the transcendent “First Rain” featuring S. Carey featured off Themes For Dying Earth available February 10 from FLORA. The breathy sung whispers intertwine with the understated to sound to create something that could be used for current day therapy sessions & more.

Funeral Advantage announced the upcoming Native Sound EP Please Help Me available February 24 & delivered the gift of the sweet new single “CEOT7K”. Tyler Kershaw follows up Body is Dead for something that dives into the more subterranean sections of introspection that occurs in the aftermath of a broken relationship where renewal hinges upon the challenges of healing. This is understood through some clever & creative guitars that remind us of the dream sound scenes that stretch between Seattle & Stockton respectively.

In case you need some deep lounge grooves, check out Sandscape’s forthcoming cut “Artificial Rush” available February 10. This is that hypnotic track that you switch on in the evening after the pub has closed.

Sera Cahoone presented a listen to the jangle & twang of “Up To Me” featured off her upcoming album Where I Started available March 24. The Seattle visionary of nu-Americana sound provides an autobiographical array of influences that hearken back to her youth of joining her dad in pitching dynamite sales at various old world honky-tonks & more.

Dorine Levy’s night visuals for “Feelings” enlist the visual team of Eitan Sarid Souroujon & Yoav Abramovich to further realize the sentiments that spill over from the day into the ether & shadows of the evening.

San Francisco’s The New Up delivered the new single “No Fly Zone” taken off their new album Tiny Mirrors available February 3 that indicates the geographical areas of restricted flight. From here The New Up takes you to those personal places of parts that remain unknown to most with a passion that illuminates new found Bay Area fancies.

Presenting Allan Rayman’s new single “Repeat” ft. Jessie Reyez that delivers those notions that exist between déjà vu & nostalgia. Having inked a deal with Ben Lovett’s own Communion Records, the Toronto artist continues to expound upon visions where electronically imbued instrumental items emulate that boomerang essences of all the emotions that come rushing back in ways that adjectives can rarely describe or confine.

WHY? shared the progressions of “Proactive Evolution” featured off the album Moh Lhean available March 3 from Joyful Noise followed by a national tour. Yoni & company continue ask the big questions that ever consume our collective consciousnesses.

Gold Star, oka Marlon Rabenreither, sent word of his upcoming album Big Blue with a twangy & earnest listen to the wandering troubadour style ballad of “Sonny’s Blues” featured off the upcoming Autumn Tone full-length available March 24.

For those in need of some pure electronic alleviation we recommend Uppermost’s big banger “Emotion” that is guaranteed to give out all kinds of fuzzy feels.

Bogotá, Colombia by Boston by NYC artist ela minus, aka Gabriela Jimeno shared the warm single “Juan Sant” off the upcoming Adapt. EP available February 17 from YEBO Music. Following up her solo debut First Words, Gabriela continues to create a universal sound that is all her own that she described with the following introductory words:

I think what matters to me is the sense of being a part of a diaspora, not belonging anywhere, not having a home, this sense of floating through life, of perceiving everything from a very far away and detached perspective, that I would not have if I still lived in my comfortable surroundings of home.

Watch all the fun weirdness via the surreal visuals for “Super Collider” from the Bastards of Fate’s upcoming album Suck The Light Out available February 10 Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. The Roanoke, Virginia group lets their freak flags fly with pride & presents you with something unlike anything else you have probably ever seen or heard.

Buscabulla unveiled the single “Frío” ft. Helado Negro found off the upcoming EP II available January 20 where Busca will be performing at Trans-Pecos with NOIA. For all things icy & cold in need of a good spring melt; “Frío” joined by Helado Negro makes for a wintry duet guaranteed to sprinkle a bit of kindness & warmth for the blizzards & slow days that are brought by the changing of the new year.

Eric Bellinger dropped some big balling visuals for “Sometimes” that features the emcee favorite soaking up some of that by the pool life featured off Eric B For President: Term 1 as he prepares to drop EBFP: An Acoustic Experience on January 20 (inauguration day) while showcasing his own vocal talents & range.

Stage-dive head first into the new massive single from Lincoln with “Banks” that will enrapture all available sensory faculties. Found off the upcoming A Constant State of Ohio available January 27 from isurrenderrecords, the Cincinnati group pours on the real big time passion that will instantly make you a believer.

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