Karen Aragon

Julian Duron's new work

Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy draws The xx

Wildly alluring Sharon Gong

Art zine by Tomas del Balso of DD/MM/YYYY

Thee Genesis P-Orridge Tag Sale in Brooklyn. For Real.

Girly Crush on Monica Canilao

GWAR's variety show CRACK-A-THON at MF Gallery

Perineum, your average zine it tain't

MtyMx: We had fun

Video: Lady Gaga, “Television” Feat. Beyonce

In love with Aurel Schmidt since 2006

MtyMx's art: Jesse Hlebo and friends

Lucky Dragons + Sumi Ink Club

Chatroulette: Drowning in a sea of dicks (NSFW)

Hating fashion, loving Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.)

When artists were hot and/or babies (NSFW)

Comic crush Ron Rege Jr. has new music

Swans' new album + new art, not some dumb nostalgia act.

New shit from Seripop, mems of Aids Wolf (NSFW)

It is the world that made you small, 2009

Blood of the Young (NSFW)

London's Landfill will take care of that zine, for cheap.

A Journey Round My Skull

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival has finally arrived.

Dude vs. Chinese Government

Patrick Gildersleeves

Julian Duron wants your videos!

James Ferraro’s HATE

The Land Between Here and Mountains

WTF are we doing to our planet

Boys in front of art, Flemish penis cartoons (NSFW)

Girls in front of art (NSFW)

African Apparel

David Heatley plays in a band and likes ass, a lot.

Comic orgy of epic proportions

Strange Life of Mike Anderson

Oh Yeah Studios

8-bit to digitize in your pants

Wild Things art better than movie?

Vivian Girls in Sydney

Dead Meadow + Hopewell on a boat

Boxes hanging from a ceiling in midtown

Noveller record release at Bruar Falls

Underwater Peoples Showcase at Market Hotel

Wet Hair + Dead Luke + Ganglians at Monster Island

Northside Fest, illustrated

Throbbing Gristle! Now with more boobs!

Black Dice at Le Poisson Rouge

Fiasco college shopping

Rusty Santos’ The Present at The New Museum, New York NY