Karen Aragon

{ Karen Aragon is an illustrator based in Brooklyn. She blogs about art in Daily Creamer. }

Is more comfortable with pen and ink than most things in this world. Say Hi.


Karen Aragon's Posts

Julian Duron's new work

Take your emoticon and stuff it.

Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy draws The xx

Examining her commissioned portraits, fists-in-mouths, freaks, beards.

Wildly alluring Sharon Gong

Gorgeous, sexy, playful photography from this young, young, young photographer.

Art zine by Tomas del Balso of DD/MM/YYYY

Tomas Del Balso's new art zine XXX out now for only $4.

Thee Genesis P-Orridge Tag Sale in Brooklyn. For Real.

Girly Crush on Monica Canilao

GWAR's variety show CRACK-A-THON at MF Gallery

Perineum, your average zine it tain't

MtyMx: We had fun

In which we make the most out of our trip in Monterrey, and have a set of wheels to get us there.

Video: Lady Gaga, “Television” Feat. Beyonce

Who doesn't want to ride that Pussy Wagon?

In love with Aurel Schmidt since 2006

So what if she likes to party?

MtyMx's art: Jesse Hlebo and friends

Lucky Dragons + Sumi Ink Club

Chatroulette: Drowning in a sea of dicks (NSFW)

When it’s no longer a shock to see a dude masturbate into green salad, it’s probably time to move on.

Hating fashion, loving Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.)

When artists were hot and/or babies (NSFW)

Lennon stroking Warhol's crotch while he cups Ono's boob and grabs Lennon's crotch. That's classy.

Comic crush Ron Rege Jr. has new music

He draws, he makes music, he is my comic crush, strictly platonic of course.

Swans' new album + new art, not some dumb nostalgia act.

20 original drawings, a handmade art package, and a new Swans album.

New shit from Seripop, mems of Aids Wolf (NSFW)

In the words of Mike Mills… "they teach you to be haters in art school, but it's always nicer to look at something and say, THAT'S RAD!"


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