Week in Pop: Ghost Soda, Joey Nebulous, S.al

Sjimon Gompers

Midwest mic master S.al, fka Safari Al, transcends the underdog status in a continued push of proliferation; photographed at Shea Stadium by Rick Perez.

Joey Nebulous

The joyful & jubilant world of Joey Nebulous; press photo courtesy of the band.

Earlier this year we introduced you to the DIY pop phenomenon Joey Nebulous, lead by Jospeh Farago, who expresses affections for others, the self & more through sincere songs that survey others & ourselves in honest terms. Queer narratives that extend past the binary constructs of identity are illustrated in earnest terms where inner monologues become dialogues that are the source for songs about searching for comfort, self-care, affection & the warm feeling of being at peace with yourself. Presenting the recently released High on Daddy’s Day EP courtesy of Sleeper Records, Joey Nebulous charms with a six song cycle of rare-realness that reaches outward with confessionals that are sung in all sincerity that leave listeners of all identities feeling better about themselves, one another & their surrounding world.

The Joey Nebulous journey of High on Daddies Day kicks off with “rip vine” that laments the loss of the video looping app and all the fond memories made with the former platform. Nostalgia over obsolete anachronisms of the digital age carries forward with “cupid clutter” where self-conscious behaviors of hyper-awareness are surveyed from wishes that Valentine’s Day was Halloween instead (complete with an inner-view into what costumed character they wish to be) to thoughts on sadness & cluttered up rooms that are coupled with complicated affinities sung with, “my heart is full of stuff now, I’m cupid in 70 parts I wish I could find someone to love me like I do.” Recalled precious moments shared with the kindred kinds of folks are exalted on “love brunch” with honest humor with lyrics like “who is there in the morning, who is there when you’re horny, who is there?” to the inquisitive passions of “do you wanna go home with me” that are further underscored by the rhythm inflected synth progressions that emphasize the needs of the heart and the steadfast souls that standby. Frustrations of the carnal play out on “everyone is getting laid” that observes the lusty embraces enjoyed by everybody else as expressions of perceptions play between the embarrassing to the urgent of “I wanna love someone who is unlike me” & reiterated in the chorus refrain of “I deserve to loved…” Seeking spaces of sanctuary, safety, solace & more are sung on “house hunters intl” in a search for the proverbial room of one’s own to celebrity fixations internalized as subjects of mutual trust on “cher” that rounds out the EP with questions of “how do I believe in you” where connections & conflicts are collected as Farago leaves the listener with heart warming closing lyric of “Cher believes in me when I just can’t get better now.” Joey Nebulous’s Joseph Farago offered us the following foreword regarding the passions that informed High on Daddies Days:

I feel like there are a million sad songs I can write about queerness. But I also like the Food Network. And going shopping. And reality TV. I feel really connected to the idea of music being nonfictional and journalistic; I think as a queer person growing up I was always afraid to write down/express how I was truly feeling, so it’s really beautiful to sing about making vines while unabashedly hitting on boys. This record is a small triumph for me, and I’m just praying people are as interested in songs about celebrities as I am.

Solo cups & serious stares from Joey Nebulous; press photo courtesy of the band.

Joey Nebulous’s High on Daddy’s Day EP is available now via Sleeper Records.

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