Week in Pop: Ghost Soda, Joey Nebulous, S.al

Sjimon Gompers

Midwest mic master S.al, fka Safari Al, transcends the underdog status in a continued push of proliferation; photographed at Shea Stadium by Rick Perez.

Josey Blue

The holistic hymns of Josey Blue; photographed by Ana Thompson.

In the anarchic confusion of our current day in age, it is often the most organic approaches to art that entice our attention & pique the faculties of interests. Introducing Harlem troubadour Josey Blue who has been working on the upcoming Birds EP & graced us with the gorgeous one-way ticket to jangle-town on the sincerely strung world premiere of the ballad “Yellow Flowers”. Like the journeyman twang of previous songs like “Mind Readers“, the echoing moods of Melt” to the stripped-down hop-about minimalism of the island EP; Josey draws from experiences that are sung in the key of life’s emotions & heart awakening experiences.

Josey Blue’s “Yellow Flowers” expresses the narratives & ruminating feelings that occur in the wake of a break-up where botanical gifts become a set piece of sentimentality. From the harmonica breaths, whistles & banjo strums; the scope of things working out, falling out & carrying on are delivered with warmth & honesty. Self-examinations of being young & in-between are offered in the lyrics that resemble a heart-to-heart dialogue shared between closely bonded spirits. “Yellow Flowers” casts off all delusions of static permanence for exchanges that exemplify what commonly used clichés like it is what it is really means in lyrical passages of; “I wanted something more but you wanted the way it was before, and it’s all right because things are working out, sometimes it’s not what you wanted in the way that you saw it…” The reiterations of “I know we’re not quite friends” exhibits how the human connection between one another strives with comfort & care after all is said & done in a manner that resonates with a sharp degree of sober reality. Josey Blue illustrates one of the most beautiful songs where both breaking-up & making-up are understood as two sides of the same coin that defines are own delicate balance & dance with one loved ones that are conveyed in harmonic touches of pure human compassion. Josey provided us with the following exclusive & insightful preface for the new single:

“Yellow Flowers” is the first single off my next EP entitled Birds. I wrote the song this summer after my girlfriend of 7 years and I split up. I live in Harlem and there is a flower stand on the corner of my block. One day I bought some yellow flowers from the stand, and as soon as I had them in my hand, all I could think about was her/us. The lyrics to the song just came to me immediately, I ran back up to my apartment and penned the song as the flowers sat in a vase in front of me. “Yellow Flowers” is about both love and acceptance.

Josey Blue’s Birds EP will be available soon. Listen more via Spotify & Soundcloud.

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