Week in Pop: Ghost Soda, Joey Nebulous, S.al

Sjimon Gompers

Midwest mic master S.al, fka Safari Al, transcends the underdog status in a continued push of proliferation; photographed at Shea Stadium by Rick Perez.


Getting to know NYC’s Sabri, oka Sam Sundos; Polaroid appears courtesy of the artist.

Presenting NYC artist Sam Sundos who makes music under the moniker Sabri (Arabic for patience) delivering the video for “Oh Honey“, the debut single for Cascine’s CSCN imprint. Collaborating with Los Angeles based producer Andrew Miller, Sabri allows the creative spark of kinetic pop creations to shine through the modern audio medium that adheres to the underground dance regiments of the 80s & 90s New York by way of Manchester mentalities.

“Oh Honey” abides by throwback drum sequences & keyboard progressions that contain both the past & future of transcendent dance music. Sabri creates a foundation of sound that enlightens the obscure undergrounds of dubbed cassette tapes recorded from late night college radio programs (selected by only the most diligent of deejays) to the influences from all of yesterday’s clandestine warehouse happenings & esoteric clubs that have been all but forgotten. The ingenuity at work in Sabri’s sound styling is where those classic cornerstones are elevated upward to newfound levels of feeling, where the rhythms & passions bridge into the spaces of the ethereal with an energy that adheres to the influences of tomorrow. In Sabri, oka Sam Sundos’s own words:

It’s a project from a big, brown man accepting his past, acknowledging the present and remaining hopeful for the future.

Sabri presents the ultimate NYC dance experience via Ben Rayner’s visuals for “Oh Honey”:

Cover for Sabri’s CSCN single Oh Honey; courtesy of the artist/CSCN/Cascine.

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