Week in Pop: Ghost Soda, Joey Nebulous, S.al

Sjimon Gompers

Midwest mic master S.al, fka Safari Al, transcends the underdog status in a continued push of proliferation; photographed at Shea Stadium by Rick Perez.

Secret Attraction

The secret, sonic & sentimental realm of Secret Attraction; photograph by Martin Chavez.

The aftermath of the internet’s effect on music is measured via a variety of metrics, observations & postulating. In reflecting on how the mobile device enabled, broadband boom has affected our intake and processing of developing media forms, I discovered Arizona located artist Derek Wise’s pop outfit Secret Attention and the new PROMISES EP that ripples in something of an after-shock of the afore-stated thoughts. From waves of chill to grains of cloudy vapors of varying fidelity; PROMISES keeps its word with a sound liberated by that very evolution of binary unlocked expression as ordained by the net that connects us to one another & all ensuing cultural/artistic change.

From the bedroom made methods of home-apartment spun pop rises the lo-fi fuzz fades & twists of “This Love” that stars off the cycle of PROMISES. Wise keeps that motif in full marinate mode on “Alright” where the vocals are imbued by washes of sensational waves as the keys find a moment to get a fresh of bright breath of sun-kissed air. Things get even smoother & more ceremonious with the sleek Rollergirl collaboration “Sleepless” that transforms restless inclinations to the fantasias that arrive in the mind’s eye once the night shades have been drawn for the duration of the evening. The title track “Promises” underscores how the oughts and post-oughts have unlocked the secrets of virtual artistic time-travel where the ability to revise the approaches to anachronistic canonized classics is well within reach. Secret Attraction embodies the ability to resurrect your favorite romantic era of audio renaissances where re-productions & reconstructions of the past forever remains the prerogative of the present.

Derek Wise shared the following reflections on the Secret Attraction PROMISES EP:

My plan over the summer was to make one last EP before the end of the year. Produce an album that showed a brighter upbeat side. Something relatable, lyrically, even more so than what I’ve been so used to making.

Playing live shows has always been the goal since I started this project, so going forward I plan on making records that I’d feel more comfortable playing in front of people. This EP needed to have at least a couple of tracks that would bring more energy to my live shows. They’re both upbeat and emotional to me. That’s what I wanted the EP to have. That’s what I want to make more of. An emotional, yet energetic, lo-fi pop type of sound.

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