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Rap Genius is a hip hop website specializing the transcribing and dissection of rap lyrics. It is your guide to the meaning behind it all.


Rap Genius's Posts

Pusha Month Edition

When it's an off-week, there's always more Pusha T quotables to dig up.


This week's top genius really wants an interview with a goofy Canadian.

Late to the Kendrick Lamar Party Edition

Not over until The Lox and Chamillionaire offer their two cents.

The “Nosetalgia” Edition

Kendrick guests on the track of these week's top genius, but he misses the Top 5.

Idiot Savant Edition

We wouldn't go so far as to call NORE or Cam'ron geniuses, but something close.

5 Dedications Edition

The #1 spot comes from Dedication 5, but it wasn't a Lil Wayne verse.

The Summer Sequels Edition

Eminem returns to an old LP and familiar names in the Rap Genius Top 5.

Ladies First Edition

One lady to took the crown for the week, while another made claim in folly.

Big Sean's “Control” Edition

Yet again, here's a list of great "Control" related quotes excluding Big Sean.

No Rhyme or Reason Edition

The only thing these bars and emcees have in common are this list.

Yet Another Crooked I Appearance Edition

Barely a week passes without Rap Genius giving dap to the Slaughterhouse emcee.

Victory Lap Edition

Crooked I tributes, vintage Jean Grae, and the return of Jay-z and Camp Lo.

Pre-Magna Carta Holy Grail Edition

Before Jay-Z shuts things down again, five top rhymers snuck in solid bars.

After the Onslaught Edition

Recovering from June 18th with a little something different.

The Biggest Week in Rap 2013 Edition

Kanye, Cole, and Mac had the Top 3 in sales, but only one graced the LOTW.

Pre-Yeezus Existence Edition

Let this week be known as June 2013 P.Y. (Pre-Yeezus,).

The Bilderberg Group of Rap Edition

The top 5 Illuminati of this rap shit for the week.

Vintage Flows Edition

Archived freestyles, return to form rhymers, and retro-fitted youngins.

Yeezy-On-Buildings Week Edition

Five lines worth projecting on the side of a building.


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