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Ex-Breathers, “Falling Away”

A dark, blunt blast of rapid-fire hardcore.

Channeling cult rituals with The Ukiah Drag

Transformations from a gang of unheralded Florida bands into one unified force.

Ty Segall, Manipulator

Ty Segall proves he can focus, but it comes at the cost of asking the same from us.

Special Victim – Future Death

Buried in the fuzz, the math rock, and the post-hardcore lies a pop record.

Viking, “The Feeling”

Start your day with a soothing song that may or may not be about murder.

The Furthest Point of Tobacco

Tom Fec discusses how Tobacco has reached its furthest conceptual marker.

Rat Conspiracy – Unwound

With no perceivable plans on cashing in heavily, Unwound present an honest boxset.

Tomorrow’s Hits – The Men

The Men graduate from their Crazy Horse phase into their inevitable dad-rock era.

THRU. U – White Rainbow

Shallow instructions and rhythmic shortcomings mar the latest White Rainbow record.

Scott H. Biram: One on one with the One-Man-Band

We even tell Scott our favorite Willie Nelson joke.

Golden Drugs, “Friends”/ “Struggling Attacker”

An Oakland band with songs that cross the beautiful with the horrifying.

Dispelling the misconceptions of art rock with Guerilla Toss

Further discussions include exercising dick muscles, New England Patriots, and Matt Damon.

Initiation – ERAAS

ERAAS’ sophomore album is marred by a descriptor of "dark," which is used in vain.

Surrender to the Fantasy – Magik Markers

Magik Markers return with a cleaner direction, but remain rooted in No Wave.

Wish Hotel EP – Ducktails

Ducktails latest EP is easy listening, purposely uninspired like a quotidian drag.

The Beets and their kings of Queens

Daytripping around Jackson Heights with a borough-loyal punk institution.

Savior – Shark?

Shark?’s latest deals mainly passing the time via pop punk nostalgia.

The stable life of Sebadoh's Lou Barlow

The aging rockers' ageless existence in the middle ground of success.

Disconnect – TV Ghost

TV Ghost’s third album is like a scripted post-punk horror show.


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