Jeremy Krinsley

{ Jeremy Krinsley used to be the Editor of Impose. }

Lives in Brooklyn. Allergic to cats.

Jeremy Krinsley's Posts

(All of) The Flyers of Death By Audio

We apologize in advance for the rabbit hole you’re about to enter.

Wizard Oz wants to say Merry Christmas

But it doesn't know how.

Beyond, No Man Moves cassette

Visually-striking cerebral dramas take note.

America Salutes the Carter Family cs93

An hour and half of tape-recorded tributes to America's songwriting gold standard.

Debut: Raajmahal, “Celandine”

A No Neck Blues Band Flower Orgy, among other things.

Debut: Bebe Fang, “Walk”

The Belgian gloomsters sink their teeth in.

Debut: Crystal Hell Pool, “System 1987”

Set the phasers for a Ministry doom-off.

Katrina Stonehart's guitar

Bummer vibes with a crunch that'll never go soggy.

KPLR broadcasts that alien techno

Sample the debut LP out on Digitalis.

Go listen to Doldrums' Empire Sounds

Portishead's new favorite will also be yours.

Debut: The Pheromoans, “Mountain Pass”

Thank you, big bleeding mess of garage.

Warrior Line are two

An ex-member of Clipd Beaks tries a new tune.

Hands in the Dark spill their Travel Expop series

Starring Holy Strays, Cankun, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Voodoo Mount Sister.

Roy Orb D.M.T., “Breathing”

That's Roy "The Orb" D.M.T. to you.

Roll the Dice, “Iron Bridge”

Dark and dramatic for the miniseries that is your dreary existence.

Lost Trail will get you wistful

A husband/wife duo carve out some ambient excursions.

Samurai Buck, “Riviera”

Add the Denver producer's beats to your spacewalk playlist.

Rangers, “Zombie (Day)”

Get the first glimpse of Rangers' new Not Not Fun LP Pan Am Stories.

This is FIDLAR

Yes, FIDLAR. With a 7-inch called "DIYDUI".


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