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Picket Line vs Picket Fence: an interview with Tim Presley

Discussing world issues, professional recordings, marriage, and cats from his Echo Park home.

White Fence, For The Recently Found Innocent

With Ty Segall behind the boards, Tim’s gypsy wagon has a few less pots.

Protomartyr Eats Brunch: Bloody Marys and bleak world views

Find out how they like their eggs.

Under Color of Official Right – Protomartyr

Protomartyr bring their amaranthine downers to rage against our living illusion.

Los Angeles vs. New York: Babylon's Whores Keep Battling

In which IMPOSE escapes LA but finds itself.

Who won the VP debate?

Body language expert Dwayne Fingerston breaks down Biden & Ryan's mannerisms.

Game Of Thrones Vagina Monster Gets Maury Paternity Test

A shadow monster crawled out of a vagina on Game of Thrones, but who is the father?

This guy “started” the A$AP Rocky brawl

The hospital during SXSW was filled with fucking pussies.

President Obama, Meet Mickey Rourke

In which our president gets a much-needed kick in the ass from America's premier thespian.

Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric

If you don't watch Tim & Eric, surf on back to and stay there.

Boy holding water gun reads Pitchfork, likes Ariel Pink

Supersoaker seal of approval

Whoopi Goldberg gets high before the Oscars: we have the transcript

Celebrities: they're just like us!

OFF! gets arrested for “stealing vegetable oil”

Today in conspiracies.

Dancin' on SXSW's grave at the Imposition

Odd Future shoulda beat up Michael Cera. At the Imposition.

Owsley Stanley, purveyor of amazing acid, dead at 76

He probably got your uncle high.

Yuck needs a ride

You headed to the Lynyrd Skynyrd show?

The wait is over: Ke$ha has condoms

As if teens need another excuse to not use a condom.

Yoga is Killing Your Soul

Fuck "tranquility," this is damnation we're talkin about!

John Maus set to release 3rd LP

This lighthouse is incredibly verbose–and talented with a synth.


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