Jason Diamond

Jason Diamond lives in Brooklyn with his wife, two cats, and a dog named Max. He writes for Impose, founded Vol. 1 Brooklyn, is the Deputy Editor at Flavorpill, and has contributed to The New York Times, The Paris Review, The Observer, and The Believer.

Jason Diamond's Posts

What I Learned: The Slapstick Legacy After 20 Years

A personal reflection on the sprawling influence of the Slapstick Family Tree.

How a Resurrection Still Feels

Ten years of The Hold Steady’s Separation Sunday.

I'll Lay Your Soul To Waste: Satan In The Suburbs

On Satan infiltrating our nation through the Stones, Coven, and Satan Parties in the '60s.

Captured Tracks brings the Kiwis Stateside

The Brooklyn label teams up with Flying Nun

Fifteen records loved by the Brooklyn Hater

Looking deep into the bowels of holiday spirit for some year-end kindness.

Get zoned with Loop

Better than Spacemen 3?

Golden Grrrls: best band ever (on paper)

Somebody please explain to me how this could possibly go wrong.

The VSS gets reissued

Reminding you why you give a shit about weirdo goth and Faint reunions.

Estrogen Highs are NOT from New Zealand

They're from New Haven. And they rule.

The pride of Cream City

Head on Electric is what should make Milwaukee famous.

Jay Reatard's buried treasure

Debuting a lost Lost Sounds track.

25 records loved by the Brooklyn Hater

Did your band make the cut? Probably not.

So this new Pop. 1280 song…

Nasty good.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring kill the Aussie/Kiwi test

Thanks so much.

Documenting and Celebrating Norton Records

25 years of documenting the last 50.

Throwing Up sounds rad

Have you tried it?

Dudes without bands

Sometimes you've gotta go the bandless route.

Making sense of Mannequin Men

We debut a weird one.

Dwarr and the magic of 1984

Loner rock on a bum trip.


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