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Conspiring with Greatest Hits

We're not advocating violence, but….

Chatting With Total Slacker

A gchat interview: pardon the exclamation points and excessive use of symbols.

Dorian Wartime and Sylvia Innocent of Psychic Dancehall

Explanations on how to be "post-everything" and make a record about drag bars.

Talking with Amen Dunes

Discussing his new record and his disinterest in cool shit.

Northern Spy announces first annual Spy Music Festival

Record nerds, rejoice!

Junk Culture teams with Lower Dens and Phantogram for digital 7″

Feat. the chillest breakup duet of the summer.

Brooklyn Philharmonic looking for Beethoven remixes

Mos Def + Ludwig van + you: a less unlikely combination than you'd think.

Wavves announce LIFE SUX EP

Some refreshingly new sentiment from Nathan Williams & co.

Com Truise drops “Ether Drift”, tours with Neon Indian

Bringing galactic music to the far reaches of… America and Europe.

SWAPS is one noisey supergroup

Members of Deerhoof, Secret Chiefs 3, and XBXRX experiment with unstable sound elements.

Xray Eyeballs announce new 7-inch

Gives you that warm and scuzz-y feeling.

Kurt Vile, Ariel Pink, Chairlift, and others contribute to Recorded for Japan benefit album

Help prove that this generation isn’t all soullessly self-involved.

Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams”

Dream pop that you never want to wake up from.

Bjorn remixes White Denim's “Drug”

Psychedelia meets drone in the ultimate ode to stoner-dom.

Dead Kennedys join in mass consensus that the unauthorized use of “Too Drunk To Fuck” in a beer ad is a bad idea


High Places announce Original Colors

Pastoral pop in a variety of climes.

Neon Indian announces sophomore LP + tour dates

Riding arpeggiated ice-waves across North America.

Toro Y Moi announces new EP

Oh, Chazwick…

Creepy Teepee Festival to take place in abandoned brewery outside of Prague

You will feel very cool if you go to this.


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