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Waxwork Records

A look into the hectic and strange industry of releasing horror movie soundtracks.

Jam City is “Unhappy”

Jam City takes some steps towards more traditional pop in his latest track.

King of Cats, “Orb Weaver”

The screen shot is not a tiny pink penis… we promise.

Hound, “Little One”

Philadelphia’s newest hair rock trio.

Steel Tipped Dove, “Who’s in Charge” (feat. Kool A.D. & Safe)

Another flawless track from the Brooklyn-based producer.

Spirit Club: slacker pop supergroup

Featuring Wavves, Sweet Valley and Jeans Wilder.

Dream Police release single + tour dates

Caethua, “Ode to Joey”

Psychic folk music to fulfill  your devilish desires.

BONE, For Want of Feeling

A dreadful delight of hopelessly depressing music.

London O’Connor, “Oatmeal”

Essentially he’s one for one… and worth following.

Black Spirituals, “Body”

Some minimal ambient noise for your Tuesday afternoon.

clipping. release two new tracks with t-shirt giveaway

It’s clipping. & friends, bitch.

Communions, “So Long Sun”

The Danish punkers clean up their sound with a new track.

Stream Cheesus Chrust’s bedroom pop comp Not Quite Grown

The UK label releases a comp to celebrate the independence in writing solo music.

FKA Twigs Confronts Racist Remarks On Twitter

Twilight fans can be very cruel.

Morrissey releases new line of “murder” merch

Reminding you to be kind to animals, or he will murder you.

The Man, “Accordion” (Madvillain cover)

A Madvillain cover with 100 percent less accordion and more sax.

Tiaras, “Anyone and Everyone”

From the dissolution of Ganglians and Blasted Canyons comes Tiaras.

Pornhub Announces Record Label

Even when the porn industry is involved there’s no money in music!


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