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No looking back for Dope Body

The Baltimore band on being a Lifer.

The Inward Trajectory of Merchandise’s Carson Cox

As the band continues its ascension, Cox’s comfort zone remains intact.

Addiction and Alienation with Rusty Kelley of Total Abuse

The hardcore frontman talks recovery, controversy, and still being an outcast in Austin.

Total Control, Typical System

Total Control’s sophomore record is an amalgamation, moving seamlessly through post punk, electronica, and new wave.

Shave and a Haircut with Lower

Shedding hair follicles and the stigma of being "like Iceage but better."

Joining the 10th Album Club: An Interview with Nathan Means of Trans Am

Looking back on two decades of exploration.

Lifelong Brotherhood: an interview with Young Fathers

Graham "G" Hastings discusses being in a group with two of his childhood friends.

Duppy Gun: Sun Araw, M. Geddes and the people of Jamaica

A free form collaborative project with the people and musicians of Kingston, Jamaica.

Life at home with Pelican: post-metal collides with adulthood

The four-piece ground their touring for life at home and adjust to losing a founding member.

Pain Is Beauty – Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe’s fourth album is a breaking out, shedding the veil of distortion.

Riley Gale of Power Trip

The Dallas thrasher talks debut album, entourage touring antics, and crossing over.

Lust For Youth, “Breaking Silence”

Leaving the Casio far behind.

Backtrack in Asia

A photographer’s old band spends a week in Indonesia.

The UV Race, Queens of Punk

The "smartest band in the world," or so they think.

Mayerling, “Pure as Gold”

Taking the leap from rock 'n' roll to sonic ambience.

Adam Rossiter, “Punks is Hippies”

Palm to issue a second edition of Trash Talk's weed zine.

Robedoor, “Flannel Shroud”

Apocalyptic visions, netherworld demons and the like.

Stream: Malaikat dan Singa's Open the Crown

Hear the record in all its growling, disorienting glory of experimental deconstruction.

UUMANS, “Footsteps”

Call the toll-free hotline at 1-855-UUMANS-1.


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