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Destroyer announces new album and tour dates

We were just talking about him!

Fungi Girls, “Swim Dogs”

The teenage garage rockers have grown up.

New covers old for L.A. Beat compilation

Imaad Wasif got The Doors. No Age called The Urinals.

Tennis, we barely knew ye

Say you like it before it hits The Loft on Sirius.

This is how Tapes 'n Tapes “Freak Out”

(Not very freakily.)

Lykke Li, “Get Some”

If you liked "Drunk Girls"…

Throbbing Gristle vs. Aerosmith tour 2011!

Someone please start the Facebook page for us.

New Kurt Vile = nü dad rock

Wait, Kanye West's banned cover art is actually “NSFW”?

Do we really have to do some Art History NSFW101? Aright, take notes.

D'Eon knows what's next

Say it with us now. "Club bangers are awesome."

La Sera, we barely knew ye

Don't forget the rules to kicking balls.

Workout videos no longer just for your daddy

Follow up your James Murphy crunch reps with Vitamins' remix video lunges.

Diplo turns Deerhunter into the chillwave

We will not stand for this libel!

Twin Sister, we barely knew ye.

You were so delicate.

Warpaint, we barely knew ye

Pretty girls gotta jet.

Bummed Katy Perry's boobs got banned from Sesame Street

It's ok, we will play dress up with you California Gurl.

Is dead Bill Hicks psyched about his new box set or what?


If I owned a Wavves weed grinder…

Once you apply duct tape, it's hard to go back.

Here's a video of Neil Hamburger getting shouted down by hundreds of angry blokes

("Blokes" = British for "guidos", from here on out.)


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