Stephanie Glass

Stephanie Glass

When not eating borscht alone in the park, Stephanie writes about D.C. & Chicago music in Embryonic Capital and From Chicago With Love.

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Tereu Tereu's Quadrants

Getting unabashedly earnest: Talking with Lamp

Forming a band in the age of the internet: Talking with Sunjacket

Elephant Mixtapes #1

Talking with Pool Holograph

Talking with Energy Gown

A Night Out With Moniker Records

Stacian's Songs For Cadets Provides Our Election Soundtrack

Talking With Teen Mom

It Is Rain In My Face: DZ Tapes Release Show

Talking with The Hecks

The Funs, The Funs

America Hearts Go to Space in New Video for Heart

Talking with Summer Girlfriends

Subterranean A's Last Hurray

Coffin Pricks' Debut Group Home Haircut

It Will Get Loud: Spider Fever's Full-Length Debut

Fuck SXSW: What To Do In DC Instead

Talking With Clinton Doggett of More Humans

The Third Annual Sockets' Showcase

Talking with Matthew Johnson of Imperial China

Talking with Brett Isaacoff of DZ Tapes

Windian Records Grows With White Faces' S/T

They're not Pavement: Chatting with The Foul Swoops

Les Rhinocéros Kickstarter Campaign

Tree River, Deleted Scenes, Celebration at Subterranean A

Yup, Wugazi is Fugazi and Wu Tang combined

America Hearts tour the strip malls

Talking to the founder of D.C. jazz rag Capitalbop

Authorization leaves its mark with Version 1

Tennis System's Farwell Video to D.C.

Talking with Travis Jackson of Windian Records

Pushing the envelope with Future Times Records

D.C. Gets Hard Again: Cricket Cemetery Labels

Positively Punk Rock: Talking With Patrick Walsh of Positive Force D.C.

Baltimore Does DC

Brothers done good: Bluebrain

Interview: True Womanhood

The Kansas House Project

Sockets Records showcase with Hume, Skeletons, more

D.C. hip hop exists!

D.C. house show #2 at Subterranean A

Fixtures: Sean Peoples and Sockets Records

D.C. House Show #1: Uncle Woody Sullender and Seamus Cater