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{ Peter is still stuck in the sweded version. }

Peter is still stuck in the sweded version.

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2014 NBA Free Agency Round-Up (So Far)

There is no off-season. There is only obsessive clicking of the refresh button.

A Hard-Hitting, No Nonsense Interview with PFT Commenter

We talked to the Internet’s most incisive, unapologetic football mind about his new book and more.

In Defense of Joey Crawford

He didn't ice Kevin Durant. He was merely protecting the integrity of the game.

Bomani Jones dishes the truth on Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling has been banned from the NBA for life, but let's look at the big picture.

The Based God curse on Kevin Durant is real!

Photo evidence Lil B is behind OKC's sluggish playoff start.

Drake is ready for the NBA Playoffs. Are you?

Sing it Jeanne.

The NFLPA supports a college players' union and you should too

Those dining hall tacos are more integral than you think.

The Chicago Bulls don't know the meaning of “tank”

Noah gun dances, Gibson high-steps, and Dunleavy bleeds out, but it's earned on a nightly basis.

Justin Bieber aka Baby Iverson aka the Canadian Ankle Breaker aka Maple Sizzurp Lite

It's fake, but it's not the worst thing you've seen this season if you're a Knicks fan.

Michael Sam, Jason Collins and other Feb. highlights

We went posi with the headline. There's also lowlights in here.

Retired NBA Players: Where are they now?

And you really should waste your afternoon finding out how every single one is living.

This Marcus Smart mess is a 'piece of crap'

Apparently, defending the student-athlete brand stops at verbal assault.

January's Sports Lowlights

A week of Super Bowl controversies, all of which have nothing to do with the game.

The First Lady of Airness posterizes The Heat

Who cares about Richard Sherman? Here's a video of Air Flotus.

#LeBroning is making the world a better place

It took 16 year-olds on Vine to cut to the core of why we hate LeBron James.

J. R. Smith Completes the Knick-est Play of the Season

It might not be basketball, but it's still more entertaining than the Spurs

Year in Sports: 2013

Air high fives all around.

Z-Bo's holiday game is better than yours


Breaking: NBC has a hard time Tweeting about sexual assault

Well, this is unfortunate


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