Ari Spool

{ Ari is the former managing editor of Impose Magazine, and a Riggio Scholar at the New School for Public Engagement. }

Ari was the managing editor of Impose Magazine, before she went back to school. But she pops her head back in, now and again.


Ari Spool's Posts

Franco Falsini

The Sensations' Fix founder talks freedom and invention; then and now.

What Our Parents Had

Why the Democratic party's promise of a return to the middle class of yore is foul.

Debut: WL, “Impermanent” b/w “No Escape”

Portland dream-gazers insert a little spontaneity in their wall of sound.

Reynosa, “Cariñito”

Taking a piece of psychedelic South Americana and adding style and breath.

Castratii, “Low Profile”

As far as we can tell, this song is by seductive evil ghosts.

Pussy Riot Sentenced to Two Years in Prison; Protests Planned Worldwide

Planning a rally in your area? Leave it in the comments or tweet at us and we'll let people know!

Lower Dens' Drummer Nate Nelson Joins Drainolith for Tour

Hear the exclusive story of their newfound love!

Cemeteries, “The Wilderness”

For when walking around in the woods is the only way to dream.

Beach Arabs, “On the Beach”

Confidently showing off their love of all things oceanic and free.

Fiasco's Last Last Last Last Show (We Promise)

We also promise a total rager.

Cold Showers, “BC”

It's probably about love, but what about patriotism?

Ty Segall, “The Hill”

For when listening to Aphrodite's Child's "The Four Horsemen" might take too long.

Rage Peace (Channeled by Prince Rama), “So Destroyed”

Getting in touch with "the other side" for the sake of pop.

Greg Fox, Patrick Higgins join Zs

Also, Zs release a crazy box set in honor of their ten year anniversary.

Angel Olsen, “The Tiniest Seed”

Incorporating heartbreak into every bit of pulsing blood.

Low Praises, “Trenches”

A long-distance collaboration must be using telepathy, not technology.

The Helsing Junction Sleepover Will Be Magical

Camp out on a farm with Mt. Eerie, LAKE, Hive Dwellers, and more – with breaks for swimming.

Channel Orange, Chopped and Screwed

A variety of YouTube innovations also known as Channel Purple.

PHORK, “Descrepancies V”

A stony beat spirals out of control below a watery tone.


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